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Macleay Valley

Bushfire Nov 2019
Sawmill Bushfires Nov 2019
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About Us

The story begins in November 2019. Our family farm was destroyed by the Black Summer Fires. We were forced to start again, completely from scratch. We were aware droughts, flooding and fires were inevitable with the increased risk of climate change so we decided to do something different with the way we farmed. Our dream is for our farm land to be altered from a monoculture of beef cattle to an abundant ecosystem which will sustain our family and the community.


Mission and Aspirations

Regenerative Farm + Lifestyle

At Our Alter Eco, our mission is to promote traditional living in a modern setting with a scientific and holistic view. We strive to advocate sustainable small scale farming practices through the collaboration of old methods with new innovations.

We aim to improve the soil quality, soil water-holding capacity and overall biodiversity within the area.


Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia

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